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Travel Tortuguero


Tortuguero is a small town and national park located on the Caribbean coast of northern Costa Rica. This beautiful place rises above and beyond the chaos of modern life.

Aninga Lodge Tortuguero


Surrounded by a network of picturesque canals, the Aninga Lodge is considered one of the most exotic regions in the world with its richest flora and fauna. Tortuguero is one of Costa Rica’s treasures and is known as the Little Amazon and the most important place for the Green sea turtle nesting.

Costa Rican Resource


Costa Rican Resource is a company that has been operating Student Travel Tours and Family Vacations since 2002. This is a small company that concentrates on personalized attention. Our goal is to have our clients grow and challenge themselves through adventure and being a part of our project of giving to the communities. We hope our love for adventure and service last longer than a week and you can use the things you learned with us for the rest of your lives.

Pachira Lodge


The lodge is strategically located only 5 minutes away from the extraordinary Tortuguero National Park, and right across the main "canal" facing the town of Tortuguero. Surrounded by a network of very scenic canals, this is considered one of the most exotic regions of the world, characterized by its rich in flora and fauna.

The Market Girl Blog


Maga Poesz is a Journalist, mom of 3 kids and now Fashion Blogger. "From Argentina actually living in Costa Rica, as an Expat I lived in different countries and have a little bit of each in me."

Pacuare Outdoor Center


The POC is an adventure complex dedicated to offering its guests one of the finest full-on adventure expeditions in all of Costa Rica. Owner Tom Ranieri started guiding rivers in Costa Rica in his late teens and almost two decades later he has been around the block with adventure in Costa Rica.

Properties in Costa Rica


Properties in Costa Rica is a company devoted to Real Estate. Their primary goal is to give our clients and investors the best possible solution to their Real Estate needs. They always follow clear and sound procedures and provide you with accurate and up to date information so that you can be sure about the safety of your investment.

J.A.S. Trent, Inc


J.A.S. Trent works with a variety of clients across the New York metropolitan and tristate area. Our network of recruiters fully understand their field and employment aspects of the business as well as the trends in their industry.

Air Charter Flights In Costa Rica


Created in 1970, Aviones Taxi Aereo (ATASA) and Taxi Aereo Centroamericano (TACSA) continue to provide their domestic and international charter flight patrons and unrivalled personalized experience with matchless service, comfort and amenities. See where we can take you today!

Doka Estate


Doka Estate coffee is one of Costa Rica's highest quality coffees. The Doka Coffee Estate is located on the fertile slopes of the Alajuela Poas Volcano, the rich soil and the ideal altitude and climate have made the Santa Eduviges farm famous because of it's excellent coffee.

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